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Tree Fertilization

Houston Tree Company

Tree fertilization is a critical component in promoting the optimal health of our trees. Many of our urban soils are impoverished due to a myriad of complex circumstances that surround a typical Houston tree. Limited rooting space, poor soil structure, and lack of proper nutrients are all reasons for slow growing and poorly performing trees. Thankfully there are solutions to these problems that The Urban Foresters trained arborists will be able to offer. Soil aeration, root stimulations, vertical mulching and insect and disease control are only a few of the valuable services that The Urban Foresters has to offer.

The Urban Foresters have developed a tree fertilization program called TUF Trees to provide a significant boost to young or small trees and protect your valuable mature trees.

Homeowners who want faster growing trees in newly developed neighborhoods should seriously consider scheduling this service. Many times an early age is the best time to start proper care of your trees to avoid costly problems in the future. Whether you have young trees or mature trees that you want to protect from harsh weather the TUF Tree program will provide the valuable nutrients your trees need. (also, into the text put the TUF Stamp Logo and have that hyperlink as well)

Disease detection and treatment should also be a key aspect of your decision to consult with a Houston tree service company. At The Urban Foresters we specialize in the early spotting of certain ailments to your tree. This can mean the difference between successful treatment and losing the tree forever. Make sure a Certified Arborist is going to be consulting with you and that he or she has experience in the Houston tree care scene.

Root Stimulation Process

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