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They believe helping others is the deepest level of success.

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The Urban Foresters are led by a Certified Arborist--an expert in tree care.

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"Seedling to stump" tree service — you'll never have to call another service.

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The Urban Foresters build lifelong relationships with their customers by treating them with integrity and care.

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    How does tree removal work?

    Tree removal requires a crew of people. We use rigging to ensure that every limb comes down safely. One worker will be in the tree removing limbs piece-by-piece, while we use the rigging to gently lower the tree piece to the ground so it doesn't damage any houses or power lines.

    Once we've removed the limbs, we can move on to the less treacherous part — the trunk. You can see the entire process here.

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    Does tree removal require a permit?

    In some cases, yes.

    Each municipality will have different laws on the books. Cities like West University, Bellaire, Piney Point, Bunker Hill, Hedwig Village & Hunter’s Creek all have more stringent tree removal ordinances than The City of Houston.

    The City of Houston does, however have a tree protection ordinance for street trees, so always check with a Certified Arborist before removing a tree, especially if the tree is within the city right of way. As tree removal (Houston) is our specialty we'll be able to tell you what permits you require, and we'll help you get them.

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    How much does tree removal cost?

    When talking about tree removal, you'll see that most arborists find it difficult to estimate tree removal costs without actually seeing the tree. Even a ballpark figure is hard, because every tree is different.

    Consider this case. Customer A calls us about removing a thick, old-growth tree with a huge dead brown canopy. It's leaning over a bunch of infrastructure: a roof, gutters, AC, other trees, etc., and it's very tall. Customer B calls us about removing a thinner, smaller tree that's out on the grounds, far away from anything that it might damage. Obviously, Customer A will pay a lot more for the job. It's going to take longer, it's more dangerous, and we have to take more precautions to avoid damages.

    This being the case, we can't really give you an estimate. You're going to find this to be true when dealing with tree trimming , too. It really just depends on the tree. We know you want to save time by getting a fast answer over the phone, but no reputable tree company is going to do that for you.

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Tree Removal Techniques

  • November 21, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    Trimming & Pruning: What should I ask for with a tree service near me?

    We get many people who call and ask about getting tree trimming. But when we ask what exactly they had in mind, the client often says something like, “I was just looking to get the trees trimmed by a tree service near me. Is there more to it?”

    Getting a bid for tree trimming and pruning requires talking to your arborist about what exactly you want to accomplish in your yard. Consider the following guidelines:

    • Clearance pruning.  This refers to the removal of excess branches away from buildings, structures, and walkways. Be sure to include specifically how far (ie. 4-6 feet) you want branches to be pruned back.
    • Crown Canopy Lifting.  This refers to the removal of lower branches in order to improve access, generally for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Again, it’s important to be specific and state exactly how high you want to raise the canopies.
    • Deadwooding.  This refers to the removal of dead branches, but you’ll need to indicate size to be removed. 2′ and up is recommended for safety. However, you might also go 1′ and up for a more thorough but expensive pruning.
  • November 7, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    4 Reasons to Encourage Tree Growth in Your Yard

    Saplings might appear to be trees in their awkward teenage phase, but there’s a good reason why you should let them be. And maybe even encourage further tree growth. Just check out these reasons why its great to be green with tree growth:

    1. Reduce summer cooling expenses.  Planted in the right places, large, deciduous trees can reduce your summer cooling expenses by up to 35%!
    2. Increase home value.  While exceptions exist, most appraisers and realtors agree that quality landscaping done by a tree company can significantly improve a home’s curb appeal and increase home value.
    3. Enhance your outdoor living space.  During the fall and winter, changing leaves offer a beautiful natural touch. During the summer, trees offer a comfortable shaded area for outdoor parties and activities. And throughout the year, trees attract birds and their melodies.
    4. Reduce stress and anxiety.  Finally, our tree company sincerely believes in the emotional and mental benefits of trees and other quality landscaping. Study after study has shown that being exposed to nature, including the growth of backyard trees, has a significantly positive impact on human health and well-being.
  • October 21, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    Can a Professional Tree Company Save My Leaning Tree?

    Lofty pines and stately oaks bring a ton of property value and add the right green touch to just about any landscape. Unfortunately, decades of growth can be hampered with one nasty storm that turns a previously straight tree into a leaning one. But such a lean doesn’t necessarily mark the need for removal.

    It’s important to consult with a professional tree company immediately if your tree develops a sudden lean following a storm. Especially if it poses a threat to a building, vehicle, or common walkthrough. A tree company will conduct a tree risk assessment to determine if it’s underlying structure has been impacted. Sudden and extreme weather can cause the tree’s fibers to bend but not completely break. As long as the trunk and roots are largely intact, your tree company or arborist should be able to cable and brace the tree to straighten it and provide temporary branch support until it regains a safer growing pattern.

  • October 7, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    What Types of Houston Tree Service Will I Need in the Fall?

    Even though Houston’s warmer subtropical climate boasts more temperate winters, trees and shrubs still need attention to stay healthy during the season change. Take a look at these types of fall tree service:

    • Root fertilization.  Fall is a great time to add fertilizer to your lawn and trees, but add too much and you risk killing young roots. That’s why it’s good to contact a professional and learn how much and what type of fertilizer is best for your trees.
    • Trimming and pruning.  Houston gets a fair share of tropical storms during the late summer and early fall thanks to its Gulf-side location. Invariably, those storms cause a few branches to snap and break. Cleaning off the odd branches and pruning the excess prevents weak ones from flying towards your home, and it keeps woody plants healthy during their slow winter growth. A professional tree service company can help with trimming and pruning your plants for optimum health and appearance.
  • September 21st, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    3 Reasons to Call a Tree Removal Service for Stump Removals

    For some handy DIY’ers, getting rid of small trees aren’t a problem; they simply grab their favorite saw and turn the greenery into quick firewood. However, once they get down to just the stump, they run into problems. Tree stumps and their root systems are notoriously hard to get rid of, yet they shouldn’t just be left alone. Here are three reasons to call in a tree removal team to finish the job:

    1. Stumps are eyesores.  Stumps that are dead and decaying, often becoming homes to weeds and wood-eating insects. Unless you’re going for that witchy look, a stump in the yard is simply an eyesore (and often an HOA no-no).
    2. Stumps are space-wasters.  Whether you love having a wide, clear, and green yard or one packed with flowers and plants, getting rid of stumps should be a no-brainer as it gives you more space for the things you love.
    3. Stumps are hazardous.  Stumps can be a big tripping hazard in those wide yards.
  • September 7, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    Does your insurance cover Houston tree service?


    Houston is no stranger to storms with high winds that can fell heavy branches and even whole trees. It’s important to understand your insurance terms should such a storm topple a tree onto your property.


    In most cases, basic homeowner’s insurance will cover at least a portion of the Houston tree service required to remove and clean-up fallout if it occurs due to a storm or similar situation outside your control. For nearly all insurers, where the tree originated from doesn’t matter, only where the damages occur. For example, if a tree from your property is knocked down and damages your neighbor’s property, that homeowner will have to file a claim with their insurer. Similarly, if a branch from their yard is blown into your window, it’s your insurance company that will pay for removal and window replacement.


    To ensure the process goes as fast as possible, be sure to pick a business that has ample experience in communicating with insurance companies and handling emergency claims.

  • August 22, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    A tree company might be called in for any number of services involving trees and other shrubbery. Such services include:

    • Tree removal in scenarios where the tree is either a danger to the community or inhibits a building project.
    • Tree surgery in which the primary goal is to rescue the tree or shrub from permanent damage caused by diseases, pests, or other external forces.
    • Pruning and shaping to ensure plants stay healthy and thrive.
    • Land clearing in which whole tree sections, stumps, undergrowth, and roots must be removed to convert the land for other use, including farming and commercial constructions.
  • August 8, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    A tree doctor is a professional arborist skilled at diagnosing problems with your trees and other plant life. And like the house doctors of yesterday, tree doctors frequently make house calls.


    Of course, you shouldn’t just trust anyone to diagnose and resolve issues you have with your lawn and its greenery. It’s important to choose an experienced arborist group who is insured, as well as affiliated with trade associations such as the TCIA and ISA.


    Every tree species is unique; each having its own history of symptoms manifesting from common problems. Professional training assures that underlying problems are correctly identified.


  • July 21, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    While tree climbing might have been your favorite childhood activity, actually working with and on trees is a much more serious job for professional arborists.

    Many times arborists are required to work with power tools while they’re strapped into a tree very high from the ground in potentially dangerous conditions.

    There are a number of factors that come into play when you call a tree company, including (but not limited to) live wiring, wind conditions, and dead branches.

    Proper licensing and insurance ensures that you hire arborists with a professional track-record that can limit unforeseeable accidents.

  • July 7, 2016
    Published by The Urban Foresters

    Why should I call in professional palm tree maintenance?

    One of the most important aspects of palm tree maintenance is pruning. Unfortunately, this improper pruning is also one of the biggest sources of premature palm three death. Palm threes store all of their nutrition and energy within their long fronds. Removing too many of these fronds, or cutting them in such a way as to stop the ready flow of nutrients to its base can induce nutrient deficiencies and cause a rapid decline in health. Even on otherwise 100% healthy trees. We recommend never removing more than 15% of a palm trees canopy. Call us for more maintenance information.


  • The Urban Foresters

    The urban foresters were great. Very professional, communicative, and quick with competitive pricing. I also loved their estimate approval process which could be done all online. I didn't have to print, scan, and email a thing (which drives me nuts). I could approve through their system. We are extremely happy with the pruning they did to our five oak trees and we will use them again.

    Shelley Morales
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    Date Published : 17 May, 2016
  • The Urban Foresters

    I had Urban Foresters trim and clean out my live oak trees in the front yard in spring 2014. They were 16 years old at the time. They have grown more since that trimming than they did in the 10 years before.

    Charles Swihart
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    Date Published : 07 May, 2016
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    Date Published : 01 Jan, 1970
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