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Houston Tree Service Company | Tree Pruning, Removal, Trimming Shaping & Fertilization

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Houston Tree Service Company

Houston Tree Service

The Urban Foresters, a Houston tree service company, is dedicated to providing quality tree care for commercial clients, and our Tree Trimming Specialists can assist you in selecting which tree services are appropriate for your Houston business. The Urban Foresters’ extensive range of products and tree services can add value to your property, enhance safety, and ensure your tree’s beauty and health for the future.

The Greater Houston Area is home to a variety of different tree species, and having the help of a Tree Trimming Specialist can dramatically improve your tree’s chances of better health and long life. Strong healthy trees not only enhance a property’s aesthetic value, but they also increase a property’s appraised value, so having the right tree service company on your side is critical. The Urban Foresters’ experienced Tree Trimming Specialists and safety-conscious crews provide exactly what you need with a professional touch and a fair price.

Why Choose Us?

Houston Tree Service

Some less qualified companies may tout themselves as “tree experts”, but The Urban Foresters' mission of total tree care and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the Houston tree service market. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing tree care services from “seedling to stump grinding.” That is to say, The Urban Foresters don't just want to be a one hit wonder with our clients, burning bridges as we go; we want to be your partner in a long lasting business relationship. Whether we plant trees for you, fertilize your trees, prune trees for safety and beautification or remove trees that are hazardous, we want to conduct business with integrity and honesty so we can have a chance to serve you in the future.

Whether its planting, pruning or preserving, when you are selecting a Houston tree service provider call The Urban Foresters for a free estimate, and one of our Tree Trimming Specialists will meet you at your property to discuss how we can grow together!

The Urban Foresters